Vote on April 3, 2018

Three years ago, you elected me to the Board of Education for the School District of Clayton, and I am running for re-election. I do so because I remain dedicated to making sure that every single child receives an excellent education, and one that complements each child’s individual strengths and abilities. I am a firm believer that one size does not fit all in education.

My conviction is born partly from personal experience. You may recall that three years ago, the experience with my son helped spur my desire to contribute to the district. The wonderful team at Glenridge Elementary had embraced his diagnosis of dyslexia and diligently worked to determine the most effective way to teach him to read.

A few months ago, my son came home with a huge smile because his teacher singled him out for excelling at a writing project. My son’s teachers not only instill confidence in him, but are intent on conveying to him that he is smart, capable, and will set the world on fire.

As a mother and as a board member, I have seen repeatedly how our community’s educators are mindful and committed to nurturing the uniqueness of each child. I am ever-more committed to ensuring every family shares our wonderful experience.

Still, we face challenges as a District. Issues of money, resources, and quality personnel only grow more demanding. I feel my three years of experience will help me seek the answers to those questions, and others we can’t anticipate.

The Clayton schools long have held themselves to the highest standards. Clayton children become leaders in industry and public service, and great parents themselves. I hold these same hopes for my children and yours. I know it means we must work together toward an educational program that holds true to core values while adapting to a changing world.

I want to continue be a part of this team. I hope you will support me for the Clayton Board of Education and re-elect me on April 3, 2018.

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